SHB Ensures the forging process is well controlled and done through selected vendors only.


Turning plays the foundation of a good quality product. The quality controls employed by SHB helps us in getting the perfect turned rings for the high quality bearings.

Heat Treatment

One of the Important Step for creating a highly durable & Long lasting Bearings is Heat Treatment Process. The heat treatment process consists of Hardening, Super Cooling and tempering which gives stabilized ring structure and increases the life span of bearings. The salt water bath process used by SHB helps in giving the correct chemical composition, strength and hardness to the steel.


Grinding helps us in ensuring perfectly dimensional products as defined by the set established tolerances and quality specifications.

Honing and Super Finish

Honing and super finish gives us the finishing that sets the SHB range apart. All that shines is not SHB…

Assembly & Packing

All the spares are assembled to get what we know as a bearing. The products are inspected and sent out for final packaging